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#143: Michael Chan of Venli Consulting Group — Transformational Leaders vs. Transactional Managers: A Roadmap to Discretionary Effort

Marcus Chan is turning heads worldwide. In this episode, Marcus shows why he is one of Salesforce’s Top Sales Influencers... Read More

#142: Darren Reinke of Group Sixty — Don’t Be Afraid of Being Great: Becoming Authentically Confident

Darren Reinke is the CEO and Founder of Group Sixty, an executive coaching and training company committed to building strong... Read More

#141: David Dulany of Tenbound — Wipe Out The Whiteboard: A Project Management Approach to SDR Success

David Dulany is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound. His team helps sales leaders worldwide have wildly successful SDR teams.... Read More

#140: Davida Ginter of Enkindle Global — Keeping the Fire Burning in your team: Preventing Burnout

Burnout is a bigger problem for today’s sales leader than it has ever been. The challenges and changes of the... Read More

#139: Keith Rosen of Profit Builders — Coaching: The Art of Creating New Possibilities

Keith Rosen literally has written the book on sales leadership and sales coaching. He is one of the rare repeat... Read More

#138: Don Yaeger of Greatness, Inc — Storytelling: The Currency of Kings and Queens

Simon Sinek has called Don Yaeger the “Greatest Storyteller of our Time.” Don joins us this week with a MasterClass... Read More

#110: Todd Caponi of Sales Melon — Becoming “Flawsome” with Transparency in Sales

Todd Caponi, Founder of Sales Melon, teaches us how to get your product’s imperfections considered and taken care of early... Read More

#109: Armand Farrokh of Carta — Build a Culture of Commitment

Armand Farrokh, Sales Director at Carta, joins the podcast this week. One of the biggest mistakes sales leaders make during... Read More

#108: Laura Guerra of ringDNA — Culture: It Isn’t Part Of The Game…It Is The Game

Laura joins the Sales Leadership Podcast and talks with Rob about culture. She defines culture as a consistent observable pattern... Read More

#107: Scott Leese, CEO and Founder of Scott Leese Consulting — Talking ‘Bout an Evolution (in Sales)

Scott defines the role of a sales leader as helping salespeople reach their desired level of success, whatever that is.... Read More