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#187: Todd Caponi of Sales Melon — Transparency > Perfection Every Time

Todd Caponi works with revenue organizations off all sizes worldwide on how to leverage transparency to maximize their revenue capacity.... Read More

#186: Brandon Bornancin of — Thriving in Challenging Times with Elite Sales Leadership

. Brandon Bornancin is the founder and CEO of, and is changing the game in how salespeople get and... Read More

#184: Valerie Young of Impostor Syndrome Institute — How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Valerie Young is an internationally-recognized impostor-syndrome expert. She is the Co-Founder of the Impostor Syndrome Institute and is committed to... Read More

#173: Hannah Huesman of Texas Rangers Baseball — How to Trade “Junk Confidence” for Healthy Confidence

Hannah Huesman is the Mental Performance Coach for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. Hannah has been recognized as one of... Read More

#172: Jamal Reimer of Saama — Moving Past the Number and Fueling Your Team with Purpose

Jamal Reimer is known in the sales world as one of the experts in large enterprise sales. His book, “Mega... Read More

#170: Dale Dupree of The Sales Rebellion — Choosing Growth Over the Grind

Dale Dupree is the founder and CEO of the Sales Rebellion. Dale’s mission is to bring love back to sales,... Read More

#169: Matt Green of Sales Assembly — The Power of Perspective

Matt Green is the Chief Revenue officer for Sales Assembly. Matt and the Sales Assembly team offer the first Scale-as-a-Service... Read More

#168: Larry Long Jr of LLJR Enterprises — Show Me You Believe…Don’t Tell Me

Larry Long is one of the top sales motivational speakers in the world. He is an award-winning sales leader, a... Read More

#167: Rob Jeppsen of Jeppsen Performance Group — A Personal SKO for your 2022: The Difference Maker…its on the INSIDE

In the first episode of 2022, Rob shares a personal SKO for each listener, based on some of the SKOs... Read More

#166: Warren Zenna of The CRO Collective — The Responsibilities of Elite Sales Leadership

Warren Zenna is the founder and CEO of the CRO Collective, a B2B consultancy for CROs worldwide. Warren and his... Read More