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Create an Advantage That Matters

Sales Leadership is arguably the most important but least invested area of employee development. Most leaders get their promotion, get their team, get their quota and then are left to “Figure it out.”

  • Overcome the sales leadership crisis.
  • Make how you lead your most defensible competitive advantage.
  • Equip your sales leaders to create predictable growth and improvement that scales.

Break Away from Dashboards

Billions. That’s what companies invest in Sales Tools, Sales Process and Sales Training. Zero. That’s what these same companies invest in Sales Leadership Tools, Process, and Training. Tools like CRM dashboards and reports are ineffective ways to create forward-looking strategies with individual reps. In a world where predictability matters…this is a risky bet.

  • Your sales leaders need more than just dashboards that report the past.
  • Less than 3% of sales orgs worldwide have a sales leadership process.
  • Most leaders report the last time they felt “invested in” was as a rep and rarely as a leader.
  • Small investments in leaders yield a multiplier effect in productivity and effectiveness.

Navigate the Maze

There are no silver bullets in sales and sales leadership. But you don’t have to reinvent everything. Experience is the most expensive and least effective way of learning. Elite performers in every discipline learn by adopting best practices as early as possible to avoid unnecessary mistakes and hard to break habits.

  • Time is the scarcest, most valuable asset in any organization.
  • Average performers save money and spend time.
  • The top performers invest in order to save time.
  • Help your leaders take the most direct route to high-impact sales leadership.
  • Too many leaders squander time as they do what was done to them when they were a rep since so few organizations have custom instruction specifically for the sales leadership function.

Winner Takes All

In sales, the winner takes all. Being 1% better in the sales process gives the winner 100% of the business. Small, marginal improvements yield disproportionate results. The stakes are too high not to chase even the smallest improvements in a winner take all environment.

  • “Winner Takes All” can quickly become “Winner Takes Most” over time.
  • Intentional improvement begins with elite sales leadership.
  • Create a culture of continuous course correction to develop and maintain the small improvements yielding results that create market leadership.
  • Time favors those who improve and adapt fastest.


A Name You Can Trust

The Jeppsen Performance Group is regarded as one of the premier Sales Leadership Training companies in the world. With over 50 years of combined, executive sales experience, we have the insight, knowledge, and business acumen to help elevate our clients to elite leadership status. 

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