Monthly Archives: December 2018

#11: Scott Leese of Qualia—The First Hire Every Sales Leader Should Make, and How to Find Them.

Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at Qualia, is an anti-establishment sales leader who finds ways to maximize his time and... Read More

#12: Justin Hiatt of Workfront—A Sales Leader’s Guide to 90% Retention

The Sales Development role is an important one…but a challenging one. So challenging, the turnover rate is consistently between 35-40%... Read More

#13: Jacob Heugly of Zions Bancorporation—Teach, Don’t Preach.  Show, Don’t Tell.

Commercial Banking is a complex B2B sales motion.   Like any complex sales team, these bankers have turned to process and technology... Read More

#14: Haley Katsman of Highspot—Creating a Growth Organization (Not Just Sales)

Haley Katsman is Vice President of Account Development, Enablement, and Growth and HighSpot.  Her job is to more than just... Read More

#15: Kyle Norton of League—Slow is Smooth…Smooth is Fast

Kyle Norton is VP of Sales for League.  He has taken advantage of the unique opportunity to take a blank... Read More

#16: Brad Jensen of Motivosity—The 1:1 Is Everything: Getting Real with Every Rep

Brad Jensen is VP of Sales for Motivosity.  He’s helping disrupt how organizations reward teamwork and connect with each other... Read More

#18: Jeff Spencer of Waste Management—Creating a Sales Environment Your Reps Won’t Want to Leave

This week’s guest is Jeff Spencer, Sr. Director of Sales Operations and Marketing at Waste Management. Jeff is the architect... Read More

#19: Matt Millen of Outreach—Going Fast with Certainty and Confidence

This week Matt Millen, Senior Vice President of Revenue at Outreach, shares his formula for going FAST.  Matt brings his... Read More

#20: Ryan Leavitt of Learncore—Attention Salesleaders! It’s Time to Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Today’s guest is Ryan Leavitt, Founder of Learncore and current Head of Growth and Strategy at Showpad. Ryan shares his... Read More