Monthly Archives: August 2019

#61: Lance Tyson, President and CEO of The Tyson Group – The Importance of Building A Positive Sales Culture

Lance Tyson, President & CEO of the Tyson Group, teaches us some of the things he has learned in a... Read More

#60: Samantha McKenna – How Knowing Your Customers Drives Success

This episode features Samantha McKenna, Head of Sales, Enterprise NYC for LinkedIn. Samantha is an expert at selling to large... Read More

#59: Collin Cadmus of Aircall – Trust and Respect: The Foundation of Everything in Sales

This episode features Collin Cadmus, VP of Sales for Aircall. Collin believes the role of a sales leader is to... Read More

#58: James Buckley of Ringlead – The Formula For Sales Excellence

James Buckley, Business Development Manager and Brand Ambassador for Ringlead talks with Rob about how being courteous, professional, patient and... Read More