Monthly Archives: August 2021

#153: Rob Jeppsen of Sales Leadership United — Maximum Effort Does Not Always Equal Maximum Speed

Ever felt like you’re doing maximum effort but not creating maximum speed? Our job as sales leaders is to help... Read More

#152: Jon Selig of Comedy Writing for Sales Teams — Create More Connections by “Roasting Your Prospect’s Pain”

Jon Selig teaches sales teams how to connect to the challenges of a prospect through humor. In a world where... Read More

#151: Tony Hughes of Sales IQ Global — How to Thrive as a Sales Leader in the 2020’s

Tony Hughes is a legend in the sales community. He joins the show this week to talk about what sales... Read More

#150: Josh Roth of Lob — Influence: Leading With More Than Just the Numbers

Josh Roth has had a huge impact in the modern sales world. As a co-founder of SDR Defenders and the... Read More