Monthly Archives: January 2023

#213: Mark America Smith, Executive Advisor — Personality is Cheap. Character is Expensive.

Mark Smith is the sales leader who has done it all. He’s been the top salesperson, led large corporate teams... Read More

#212: Rob Jeppsen — 20.23: The year of the Upgrade

Back by popular demand, Rob is sharing a personal SKO with each of the Sales Leadership Podcast listeners. To help... Read More

#211: Jason Baskaran, The Sales Doctor and Commercial Account Executive at Contentful— Never Call Me Your Boss. Becoming the Anti-Boss in 2023.

Jason Baskaran is a sales leader who has found success in being the “Anti-Boss.” He’s led teams to head-turning growth... Read More

#210: Amber Deibert, Performance Coach — Playing Chess while Everyone Else is Playing Checkers

Amber Deibert is a performance coach for salespeople who helps them find their mojo, think bigger, and create new performance... Read More

#209: Kyle Asay of MongoDB — Modeling Awesomeness: “What Does Good Look Like?”

Kyle Asay is Regional VP of Sales for MongoDB. He’s been ridiculously successful as a salesperson and as a Sales... Read More

#208: Emily Johnson, Burnout Expert — Beating Burnout with Tiny Moments of Stillness

Emily Johnson is a Corporate High Achiever turned Burnout Recovery & Prevention Coach. She helps high performers all around the... Read More

#207: Ravi Rajani, Storytelling Expert — Help Your Customers Feel Seen, Heard, and Understood with Elite Storytelling

Ravi Rajani is one of the top storytelling experts in the world. He helps sales teams of all sizes worldwide... Read More

#206: Rob Jeppsen of Sales Leadership United — Gratitude

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Rob Jeppsen shares important insights in why gratitude is not just an attribute... Read More

#205: Chris Orlob, CEO of Stealth Startup — Creating Unmistakable Clarity

Chris Orlob is one of the architects of one of the most prolific SaaS success stories. He joined Gong as... Read More

#204: Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp — Strategic Leadership

Ted Blosser is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkRamp…the leading platform for educating customers AND employees. Ted is an engineer... Read More