Becoming Elite

Becoming Elite

An elite sales leader creates extraordinary results, both for themselves and for their team.

Your Guide to Sales Leadership Excellence

The Jeppsen Performance Group is uniquely qualified to provide high-powered sales leaders with the tools and help they need to create high-growth teams
while improving their own talents and skills.

3 Places to Excel

To be an elite sales leader, you must excel in three areas: Winning, Individual Development, and Meetings. These skills and talents are necessary to develop and improve strong, winning teams. The Jeppsen Performance Group solutions focus on all three.

Magnify the skills, mindset, and overall performance of each member of your team via formal and informal 1 on 1 coaching using a process and tools to grow predictably and sustainably.

Sales meetings often are a team pipeline review where people report on what happened or what is happening. Elite sales leaders use our resources in team meetings to increase skills and overall success.

Help your leaders win opportunities and progress toward their budget goals by developing Opportunity Management structure to help predictably win more business.


3 Resources Provided

Elite leaders use our unique resources to improve their skills, enhance their technique, and prepare their teams to make the largest possible impact.

Use our strong curriculum around Mindset, Skillsets, and Performance to create impact. Examples of the monthly curriculum include:

  • The Championship Mindset
  • Creating Value
  • Adaptive Communication
  • 7 Deadly Sins of 1 on 1 Coaching

Consume these courses via video and discuss and implement their principles in ongoing 1on 1s.

Take advantage of our prepared sales meetings to deploy to your sales teams. Meeting materials include the following:

  • A video of Jeppsen Performance Group delivering the content.
  • A PowerPoint deck that you can modify to suit your purposes.
  • Meeting topics include: Value Creation, Time Management, Process, Effective Questions
  • Hold 1 on 1 coaching sessions with your personal leadership coach to discuss coursework, salesperson development, and challenges your teams are facing.
  • Create a new sales leadership cadence and help make necessary course corrections quickly, allowing teams to grow faster and more predictably.

3 Things to "Get Right"

Get the three most important things right: create step-by-step improvement in yourself and your team, provide exceptional 1 on 1 support, and focus on Mindset/Skillset/Performance coaching.

  • Individual Development—Hold formal and informal 1 on 1s to ensure individual aspirations are aligned with company needs.
  • Opportunity Management—Coach deals across the finish line and win more, faster.
  • Sales Team Meetings—Have meetings reps would buy a ticket to attend.
  • Choose your frequency for different levels of leadership.
  • Individualize the experience and meet each leader where they are by providing a colleague that has been in their shoes.
  • Address the 3 places Sales Leaders have an impact with reps: Helping win deals, 1 on 1 coaching, and Sales meetings.
  • Shift your team’s perception of who they are and what they are capable of.
  • Identify Key Skills to support this enlightened Mindset.
  • Measure performance with modern and forward-looking tools.

Elite Impact

The Jeppsen Performance Group specializes in helping sales leaders at all levels, from CROs to line managers with custom-designed programs to create maximum results.


    • Reduced turnover
    • Increased productivity
    • Better bottom line


  • Better morale
  • Higher win rate
  • More robust pipelines


  • Sharper skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Stronger coaching process