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David Kreiger, President of SalesRoads – We are in the People Business

David Krieger is the President of SalesRoads. For over 20 years, David and the SalesRoads team have helped companies simplify... Read More

Collin Mitchell, VP of Sales at Leadium: The Death of Spreadsheet Leadership

Collin Mitchell is the VP of Sales at Leadium. Collin and his team help sales teams find prospects, create high-impact... Read More

#214: Ronnell Richards of Business and Bourbon — Shut the Hell Up and Sell! Finding the JOY in Sales.

Ronnell Richards works with sales leaders worldwide helping set and achieve new standards with companies of all sizes and industries.... Read More

#204: Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp — Strategic Leadership

Ted Blosser is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkRamp…the leading platform for educating customers AND employees. Ted is an engineer... Read More