Leadership Frameworks

Frameworks are important for the elite sales leader. They facilitate speed in transformation, structure for intentional improvement, and a blueprint for success. The Jeppsen Performance Group uses five frameworks to help you become your best self and prepare you to lead an elite team.

Frameworks: The Secret to Rapid Success that Scales

The shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line. And as a sales leader, the faster you can get from where you are to where you want to be…the more successful you will be. Time is Precious. Don’t waste time reinventing things that have already been used successfully by the world’s most successful sales leaders.
Frameworks give you a structure to build on. They allow you to create configurable consistency that scales. With the right foundation and the right framework…you can build any organization you can dream of. So don’t start from scratch. Use the right frameworks and configure them to work for you.

E6 Elite Sales Leadership Framework

These are the six disciplines a leader must achieve mastery in to become an elite sales leader.  Each of these disciplines will fuel the impact you create with those you lead. Jeppsen Performance Group’s leadership coursework and 1:1 coaching will help you develop these critical skills and proficiencies.

Leadership Engagement Framework

Every company requires specific skills and disciplines in order for a salesperson to have a successful experience. These become topics for focused 1:1s and group sales meetings. Understanding your Engagement Framework simplifies the development, training, and 1:1 processes. This framework also adds method to the madness of using metrics and data in your sales organization. No two companies have the same Engagement Framework. But those that have this well defined consistently outperform those that don’t.


EMPOWER™ Coaching Framework

Coaching should be about helping salespeople accomplish the things they aspire to…not the things the leader hopes for.  The EMPOWER Coaching framework helps make sure you and each rep you lead go on an individual journey with you acting as a tour guide rather than a travel agent.  Are your 1:1s empowering your reps to achieve the goals THEY aspire to?

1:1 Coaching Framework

Every element of your Engagement Framework will become a topic for Sales Meetings and 1:1 coaching.  The Plan/Discuss/Commit framework will make it so your 1:1s will become a collaborative conversation about whatever topic your 1:1 is focused on.

Reps will bring their plan to the 1:1 for the topic at hand, then you’ll have a discussion around what it takes for the plan to be successful.  The 1:1 will conclude with the rep making commitments on what will happen to ensure the success of the plan.  Every 1:1 will be about you understanding and helping each individual become micro-aware of the things required to achieve the plans and goals they set for themselves.


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