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Sales Leadership United

The Sales Leadership United community is the only resource of its kind. Brimming with topical insights, the content is sourced from the actual sales leadership challenges experienced by high growth, elite sales leaders worldwide.

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Think "Home Depot" for Sales Leaders

A community created just for you to share your insights while learning from your peers.

Exclusive Podcast

“Coach’s Corner” podcast addresses current issues we’re helping sales leaders from around the world work through right now.

Presentation Videos

Videos from some of Rob Jeppsen’s most highly rated presentations from venues around the world. Dreamforce, Unleash, SKO’s… all here for you.

Weekly Updates

New content about current, relevant sales leadership challenges, including responses to feedback from members. You’ve got a place to turn when you’ve got questions.

Training Videos

Monthly new sales leadership videos with tactics and best practices. Topics include mindset, goal setting, coaching, compensation, opportunity management, performance management, forecasting, hiring, and more.

Sales Meetings

These “Sales Meetings in a Box” will help you connect more meaningfully with each member of your team.

Training Events

Live events, held over ZOOM each month covering topics you care about. Running 1:1s, coaching processes, dollarizing, and more.

Webinars, Podcasts, and Articles

Rob Jeppsen has been a guest on many podcasts and webinars and they are all here for you. Dozens of articles are here too, all indexed and sortable with Rob’s notes.

Scheduled AMA Discussions

Scheduled live discussions where we address YOUR sales leadership challenges. We put together a group and address what is and isn’t working.