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#191: Bryan Gray of the Revenue Path Group — Moving Past Problems and Creating Priority with Your Buyers

Bryan is the Founder and CEO of the Revenue Path Group. Bryan’s team helps steer their organizations through times of... Read More

#189: Sam Stull of GCPay — Using “Show Me” Sales Leadership to Create Legendary Results

Sam Stull is the head of Sales for GCPay. GCPay is a SaaS platform experiencing tremendous growth helping contractors automate... Read More

#188: Tim Strickland of ZoomInfo — Execution: Never Just a Numbers Game

Tim Strickland is the Chief Revenue Officer for ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo’s suite of modern go-to-market software, data, and market intelligence is... Read More

#184: Valerie Young of Impostor Syndrome Institute — How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Valerie Young is an internationally-recognized impostor-syndrome expert. She is the Co-Founder of the Impostor Syndrome Institute and is committed to... Read More

#171: Alex Newmann of Newmann Consulting Group — Curiosity: The Fuel of Every Elite Sales Team

Alex Newmann helps sales teams scale fast. His newest playbook for prospecting has turned heads worldwide and will help you... Read More

#168: Larry Long Jr of LLJR Enterprises — Show Me You Believe…Don’t Tell Me

Larry Long is one of the top sales motivational speakers in the world. He is an award-winning sales leader, a... Read More

#166: Warren Zenna of The CRO Collective — The Responsibilities of Elite Sales Leadership

Warren Zenna is the founder and CEO of the CRO Collective, a B2B consultancy for CROs worldwide. Warren and his... Read More

#165: Troy Barter of Hired — Leaving Those You Lead Better Than You Found Them

Troy Barter is the Director of Sales for Hired. Troy has led High-Growth Sales teams for several years and is... Read More

#159: Brad Jensen of Motivosity — Creating a Culture of Motivated Teammates

Brad Jensen is the VP of Sales for Motivosity. Under Brad’s leadership, Motivosity has had head-turning growth with their award-winning... Read More

#155: Nadia Rashid of Seismic — Adapting Your Leadership to Fuel the Development of Each Member of Your Team

Nadia Rashid is the SVP of Sales at Seismic. She’s helped Seismic get into high growth mode, but more importantly…stay... Read More