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#202: Alli Rizacos, Imposter Syndrome Coach — Upgrade Your Operating System

Alli Rizacos is one of the to experts in the world on how Impostor Syndrome impacts salespeople and sales leaders.... Read More

#186: Brandon Bornancin of — Thriving in Challenging Times with Elite Sales Leadership

. Brandon Bornancin is the founder and CEO of, and is changing the game in how salespeople get and... Read More

#183: Jason Santana of Axiom — How to Be an Informed Sales Leader…and Why It Matters

Jason Santana is the Sr. Vice President and Head of Global Sales Strategy and Operations at Axiom. Jason is a... Read More

#182: Stratton Glaittli of TOOLBX — Conversations are King

Stratton Glaittli is the Director of Sales for ToolBx, a high-growth SaaS company in the contruction management space. Prior to... Read More

#181: Katy McFee of Insights to Action — The 3 Things that Stop You From Being Promoted…and How to Overcome Them

Katy McFee has had an award-winning career as an Executive Sales Leader with emphasis in the biotech and technology segments.... Read More

#180: Maria Bross of — How Coaching Can Make a Difference

Maria Bross is the Director of Sales Development for She has been recognized by LinkedIn 3 times as a... Read More

#179: Tyler Barron of Encapture — It’s NOT Just Business. Sales Leadership is Personal

Tyler Barron is the CRO for Encapture. Tyler has led high-growth SaaS teams for over 10 years with great success.... Read More

#178: Daniel Disney of The Daily Sales — Good LinkedIn vs Bad LinkedIn

Daniel Disney has earned the title of the King of LinkedIn. Daniel works with sales leadership teams worldwide to help... Read More

#177: Chris Kosrow of Showpad — Coachable, Curious, and Smart: How to help new sellers achieve success faster.

Chris Kosrow is the Sr. Sales Manager of US Growth for Showpad. In this role, Chris takes brand-new sellers and... Read More

#176: Mike Weinberg — Sales is More About the Heart than it is About the Head

Mike Weinberg is one of the top experts in Sales Leadership in the World. Mike is an award winning sales... Read More