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#212: Rob Jeppsen — 20.23: The year of the Upgrade

Back by popular demand, Rob is sharing a personal SKO with each of the Sales Leadership Podcast listeners. To help... Read More

#211: Jason Baskaran, The Sales Doctor and Commercial Account Executive at Contentful— Never Call Me Your Boss. Becoming the Anti-Boss in 2023.

Jason Baskaran is a sales leader who has found success in being the “Anti-Boss.” He’s led teams to head-turning growth... Read More

#210: Amber Deibert, Performance Coach — Playing Chess while Everyone Else is Playing Checkers

Amber Deibert is a performance coach for salespeople who helps them find their mojo, think bigger, and create new performance... Read More

#209: Kyle Asay of MongoDB — Modeling Awesomeness: “What Does Good Look Like?”

Kyle Asay is Regional VP of Sales for MongoDB. He’s been ridiculously successful as a salesperson and as a Sales... Read More

#208: Emily Johnson, Burnout Expert — Beating Burnout with Tiny Moments of Stillness

Emily Johnson is a Corporate High Achiever turned Burnout Recovery & Prevention Coach. She helps high performers all around the... Read More

#206: Rob Jeppsen of Sales Leadership United — Gratitude

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Rob Jeppsen shares important insights in why gratitude is not just an attribute... Read More

#205: Chris Orlob, CEO of Stealth Startup — Creating Unmistakable Clarity

Chris Orlob is one of the architects of one of the most prolific SaaS success stories. He joined Gong as... Read More

#204: Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp — Strategic Leadership

Ted Blosser is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkRamp…the leading platform for educating customers AND employees. Ted is an engineer... Read More

#202: Alli Rizacos, Imposter Syndrome Coach — Upgrade Your Operating System

Alli Rizacos is one of the to experts in the world on how Impostor Syndrome impacts salespeople and sales leaders.... Read More

#201: Brent Adamson of Ecosystems — The Future of Sales is About Buyer Confidence

Brent Adamson is one of the most influential researchers, authors, presenters, trainers and B2B sales advisors in the world over... Read More