Working with Us

Working with Us

Working with the Jeppsen Performance Group can be an immersive experience. Or, if you choose, you can help yourself to the tools and resources you need.

Elite Engagement Features

Every Elite Engagement with the Jeppsen Performance Group is a dynamic experience.
Perfectly tailored to your needs, we help achieve instant impact mixed with long-term success.

1 on 1s with Sales Leaders worldwide

  • Choose your frequency
  • Connect to current initiatives
  • Prepare for 1 on 1s with sales managers
  • Course correct quickly

Meet You Where You Are (Extremely Important)

  • Use of tools
  • Goal setting
  • Personal and team member development
  • Skill development

  • Mindset, Skillset, and Performance Topics
  • Discussed and applied in the 1 on 1s
  • Topics are chosen by the client

  • Sales Meeting conducted with each team
  • Video, PowerPoint, discussion in 1 on 1
  • Client chooses topics

  • Quarterly leadership training sessions
  • Sales meeting presentations as requested
  • 1 on 1 audit as requested

Self Serv Options

We offer an abundance of free resources, available to watch, listen to, or download as well as a paid community with daily exclusive content.

Listen weekly as elite sales leaders share their tactics and experiences. With half a million downloads, nearly 150 episodes, and numerous awards, the Sales Leadership Podcast should be on your “must-listen” list.

Join an active group of like-minded sales leaders in a community that offers daily and weekly fresh content. Membership includes:

  • Exclusive Sales Leadership Content: Rob Jeppsen addresses the Current Issues he is helping sales leaders work through right now.
  • Members-Only Weekly Podcast
  • Sales Leadership Training Videos
  • Ready-To-Use Sales Meetings
  • Live Training Events

You can only find these resources as a part of the Sales Leadership United Patreon community.

  • Speaking engagements
  • Personal 1 on 1 coaching
  • Sales Kick Off’s
  • Sales meetings
  • Sales Academies
  • Meeting preparation